Vint Typewriter

The written word has been a human legacy for thousands of years. We share ideas, whether chiseled in stone or printed on paper. Today those same ideas flicker only momentarily as lights on our screen, traveling through wires distances faster and farther than we could ever hope to ourselves.

In another age, the typewriter similarly changed everything. It ushered in a new age of reproduction, of sharing, of democratizing the very act of writing. Suddenly, every one of us was capable of producing texts that could be read and shared for ages to come.

Over one hundred fifty years after the first typewriters, Vint Typewriter returns this lost eloquence to your fingertips. It allows you to record your ideas in the same enduring tradition and timeless process. It not only looks like a true typewriter, it feels and acts like one, with the same sounds and idiosyncrasies that made writing humanity’s most worthy pursuit long before the dawn of the Modern Age.